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Mu Online Web Market Open

Hello, to make item sale player to other mu online player more easy we opened web market!

You can sell your items to other players fro credits!

Put your item in you mu online game varehouse (voult) go to web WAREHOUSE and choose item you want sell.

Choose item and press: Sell item, then price period and from what character (character anme will show as seller). 10% tax is added on all item sales!

If you will choose HIGHLIGHT item, it will cost you 20 mu online credits!


If you are looking to buy mu online items from other players, go to MARKET and look for your desired item.

This market system will improve game, so players can sell items while they are ingame leveling!

If you need support with webmarket go to Mu Online Support page


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Heroes OF Mu Online NoREset Server 22. June

Heroes Of Mu Online Season 12 No Reset server
Grand Opening 22. June!

Experience rates:
Normal: x10
Master exp: x5
Max option: +16

Max master level: 420

Spots: All maps 3-5 mobs
Party exp bonus for bronze, silver, gold party!

Jewel rates: Soul +luck: 90%, Witout luck:70%
Jewel of life: 70%
Guild create lvl: 250, Min req for aliance 10 members, max aliances 3
Post commands: /post 50k 200LVL, /gpost 100k 400lvl
All characters available from 1vl (create dk, sm, or elf to get acces to others)

Medals and heart drop: Regular Items +5+9
Mu Online Blood castle drop: Archangel & New Arcganged items regural.
Devil Square: Bosses Golden Mobs
Rest events: Exc items +5+9
Selupan: Socket items with empty sockets
Medusa: Exc items
Mu Online Lord Freya: Dark Angel items

Offtrade: Enabled in devias map only



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Mu Online Updates 18. May

Heroes Mu Online Season 12 Updates at 18. May

Fixed map move level requirements for Marry and Dark Lord Party Summon
Can pick UP Bound Items from ground
Fixed Earth Shake skill ignores cool-down in specified scenarios
Blocked ability to create party with PK via /setparty
Fixed Total Weapon Socket Limit, can wear 10 options
Fixed information display of selected seals in Exp Bonus area
Fixed Attack Increase and Absorb option for selected wings
Fixed improper damage of Darkangel weapons in specified scenario
Fixed Iron Defense improper behavior
Fixed Pet Unicorn is not visible after equipping
Fixed Party matching change party leader system
Fixed not working configurables of Map Drop for Fenrir Ingredients
Implemented Bounded items handling
Fixed Pet Traner cannot heal Dark Raven
Fixed +28 item option not working
Fixed mu online requirements for selected skills
Fixed extended statistic information in 'C' window
Fixed Lord Silverster Event
Fixed Core Magriffy can be killed before its replicas are neuralized
Fixed disappearing excellent options from selected item types
Fixed mu online Game Client Crash while placing cursor over selected skills in Skill Tree
Added missing textures and models to game client (/Data/item/)

Forum topic: HERE


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Mu Online PVP Balance Rebuild

Hello, we started to rebuild Mu Online PVP as old settings is not good...
Soon you will new server in server list x100, this is just test server for PVP balance testing, its not available for players to connect.
Building Mu Online PVP balance takes long time, there is hundreds of aspects that affects PVP, its not click click & done like most players imagine, need to rewrite hundreds of lines of config and test that all...

Please take your patience. New PVP balances on server will be set on 15. May!

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Mu Online Updates 21.April

MU Online Launcher resolution fix now can change resolutions from Launcher
Manual patch required: DOWNLOAD HERE

Forum Opened:

PVP chnages: 20% Off damage on all classes
Socket Limit bug fix
Chaos machine support +28 option bug FIX
Ferea boss dont drop anything bug FIX
Muun error bug FIX
Nixie mobs respawn bug FIX
Egg bug FIX
SeedSphere Remove/Upgarde bug FIX

And much more small fixes!!!


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